How we ended up living that #vanlife / by Nicholas Zupancich


You may be wondering how we ended up living in a van...

We've been waiting a long time for this adventure to begin. It wasn’t something we just decided one day and moved into a van the next. Nick and I started dating about 4 years ago and I think we knew about a year (maybe less) into our relationship this was something we both wanted to pursue. We already traveled and lived out of his SUV 10-15 days some months. On top of that, rent was really high in Denver (we were paying about $2,000/month for a 2-bedroom duplex) so it just didn’t make sense to keep that lifestyle going.


But we also didn’t want to just jump into van life. We knew we didn’t want to make payments each month on a van so we saved up to pay for it in full. We saved for about 3 years while we researched and planned every detail.  We also needed to figure out how to make money on the road. Nick is a photographer but at the time I (Maggie) was working in corporate finance and I knew that wouldn’t translate well into life on the road. I quit my job and began a 4-month front-end web developer boot camp. It’s much easier to find freelance jobs as a web developer compared to a financial analyst.

It's been a frustrating few years, especially with the #vanlife movement taking off on social media. It was hard watching others doing what we wanted to do every day. We just wanted to get out there and join them! But we knew to do it right we needed to wait. So, we waited and waited and waited. We had to live at my mom's house for about 6 months, which, I should mention, is super fun when you’re 30 years old. But we ended up getting our dog, Pushkin, on September 1st this past year so it was really nice to focus on him in a house where we could train him properly.


Finally, it has all paid off and we are very excited for our journey ahead, stay tuned for more of our life on the road!

P.S. Blogging is new for us and grammar is not our forte, don’t judge us!